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Welcome, sudden guest~
I'm mainly just reblogging photos, articles, drawings and quotes I find funny / important / inspirational / some other way needed in my blog, but I'm also blogging my own stuff (digital art and personal posts). I'm in a few fandoms (HP, LotR, Sherlock, Hobbit, HG, disney etc.) and you will definitely find this kind of stuff here, but don't let it bother you if you don't like some of those. There aren't like, too many posts about them.
And, yeah. Go and check out my deviantArt and youtube accounts too (frostfoxie in both).
But now, continue your clicking and have a pleasant journey!

Day 3 - favourite flying type pokemon - #249 Lugia and #144 Articuno
Day 4 - favourite poison type pokemon - #092 Gastly
I was yesterday too busy and pissed off to draw anything, so… here you go. Two at once.
© frostfoxie

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